IHYPEMEDIA is an online community, established on 4th February 2016  It was founded by Mr. David Hassan and Mr. Yusuf Cikamini Makka .The founders and C.E.O and the COO of the organization, Mr. David (Hassan B) and Mr. Yusuf, this entrepreneurs who saw the need for providing a platform to help explore hidden talents in the society  and which got its origin from the high demand in exploring talents and promotion of entertainment. Ihypemedia means I promote media (entertainment). Giving the less opportunity to the less opportune to explore and archive their dreams. So they started the movement with support from friends and family from the likes of (Mr. Silas Gana, Mr. Steve Maina, Mr. Lemey Stephen, Mr. Othniel Zephaniah, Mr. Ali Salama and Mr. Mabeh Iliya Adamu. IHYPEMEDIA have grown from an idea into an organization which presently is having an official website WWW.IHYPEMEDIA.COM . IHYPEMEDIA is an organization which helps in promotion and advertisements of art works of entertainers within the society and beyond. The organization is having over 1000 users within the globe and still counting.