K.Y.A Balele

Date of birth …22ND of April

Brief About Balele

...I’m a multi-Musician…I express various style of Music as the Inspiration comes from within..

About Education

…Life itself is a lesson and we are the students so Education for me, is simply coined into getting information at every single moment. Such information is geared towards building capacity and expanding my horizon in Musicianship and other aspects of my Existence…

Musical background 

I‘ve had Musical experience’s growing up as a young person in College, and Music has always been my Major…I’ve done professional Music training course’s the Likes of Hillsongs Master Classes Australia..,The Recording Revolution etc, I’ve learnt alot from people like….Lex Lugar, Timberland, Jeremiah Gyang, Pensado and many more World class engineer’s and producer’s…. So I’m technically in a school of Thought, and here I learn, think and live outside the box.
Music for me started way back as a young boy growing up in church with alot of influence from the Western world…I was open to almost all forms of Music that was readily available.. That shaped and contributed to the making of BaLeLe Ponda Beat….lols….. You know it’s kinda crazy and difficult growing up in Northern Nigeria with the existence of numerous culture and believe System…either way I had to at some point act like the prodigal son in pursuit of
Of my Music dream…left my parent’s house around 2009 had to make a choice and follow my dreams. It’s not been easy, but it was worth it, now the name BaLeLe Ponda Beat rings a bell to many….I’m a product of God’s grace. I’ve been through alot with so many experiences, pains, and so much more…to crown it up…. It was a painful and beautiful transition from the start till this momement


…..I’ve worked with alot of great people across the Nation, the Likes of KI who is an international artist, I’ve produced hit songs like Yesu ya fisu by Kespan….Only you by Meyar who is a Lagos based artist signed by Kinging Records…trending songs.like .Amin, Gospel Legend and karbi Yabo by Mista PEN, ..10.Naira by Blue Sea….many More Albums like Yamba by Daniel Buba…and many other countless jobs and more….

Future Plans

I’m into full-time Musicianship so I hope to build a world class recording Company in my City Gombe State….and many other systems that will put my City on the Map….and I’m currently working on a Project called…”THE SPIRIT SOUND” that will provide platform to many and give back to the society….So much more will be revealed in time…God is faithful and I believed he’ll help me make things perfect.

What was the feeling like wining the best producer 2017

Being away for some time
If I could remember back, then 2009 when I stated all this music journey
Believe me it will not always look fine at first but with time everything will fall in place
To me the felling was electrifying, when I first got the message about the award I was in lagos then I used the social media platform to tell my friends
I usually tell me friend that you may not call me the finest but the highest I so much believe that God has deposited in every one a potential in them to offer the public
One of the best feeling is that I feel what am doing is being appreciated and people are identifying with what I do, that gives me a sense of belonging from the people that value what I do.
Ihypemedia award is a motivation for me to do more to be a better producer than I was yesterday
There is a process the whole thing about life and then what we do is a process and then with time everything falls in place.

Stay tune for more KYA

more coming your way

audio interview in View anticipate

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