IHM Awards 2017

  • Welcome to ihypemedia 2017 Entertainment Awards

Guides For Award Participation

1.Every participant most have Booked for the Ticket for the main event

Check the link below for the category

For the price check the link below

Check Category

2.The award is divided into three Stages
I. Nomination
ii.Top four
iii.final voting

i. Nomination
Every participant must Be nominated By His listeners/fans
this how the nomination will take place
after making full registration with IHM
Instruction for Fans to nominate a participant
1.Goto to facebook.com , search for Ihypemedia.com & like the page
2.To Cast your vote, kindly Send a message to the page with the name of the participant and the category
3.Nomination begins from 12.00am 5th October to 11 of November  2017
4.your vote becomes void[ invalid] if you haven’t liked the page
5.if you vote twice your vote becomes invalid
happy Nominating

ii Top four final contestant
After the stipulated period mention above
the top 4 participant from each category will be unveil as the final top four nominated participant for each category

Final voting
IHM will contact the top 4 participant on how the final voting will take place
thank you
keep hyping

 Registration will start on the 5th of October 2017 to 11th of November 2017


Click here for payment procedure to purchase ticket for the award

after party will also be available that same day after the Awards purchase

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  1. Hello Sorry i got to write here
    But Anyways my name is Kelvin
    A friend To Voices a guy who works with you
    I just wanna know more about you guys
    Am texting ffrom Barbados
    Hop to get a reply

    1. Ihypmedia is an online entertainment website that promote music dance etc and also organize entertainment events and award shows

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